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Dr. Saks is riding in the Qualcomm Million Dollar Challenge.  This 600 mile, 7 day road bike ride is to benefit Challenged Athletes Foundation.
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Healing comes from you, not to you.  While the term "health" means something different to all of us, one thing is universal: it must be nurtured and cultivated to be sustainable. I have dedicated my life to learning and sharing what makes us healthy, as individuals and as a society. more >>

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Bio-Logikal: Your Guide to Optimal Health.  This book was written to help you learn the most fundamental tools for regaining and maintaining your health.  An entire article is dedicated to the release of the book.  You can read the interview here.   A preview of the book including the first 2 chapters is also available for free download here (.pdf, 600kb)

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my blog site is just nearing completion.  subscribe and get daily doses of helpfule, usful tips on getting and staying healthy!  http://www.drsaks.com

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